You Have a Choice!

DataJet Services offers on site support services for multiple products once supported from many different manufacturers. The services offered are from the highly technical networking of facilities to the PLC's and printers on the manufacturing floor.

A one stop shop for on site support customized to fit your needs.

The DataJet team is made of seasoned professional field technicians who are determined to keep the customer as the focus of all support. Your team comes from large corporations that have forgotten their customers are important. The ever increasing prices from manufacturing support has crippled industries ability to maintain the margins needed to survive this economic shift. We have provided a economical high quality choice to the customer with enhanced service support and the ability to utilize current technology to support future integration technology. We maintain a non vendor specific approach for all applications which keeps us as the customer advocate for the best technologies for a reasonable price.

DataJet's team can offer big company support attributes with high tech support services while keeping the small company relationship through personalized services and 24 hours telephone support. A real person will answer the phone - not a message machine.